Tips for Watering and Caring for Sod

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Now that you've had your fresh sod installed, it is important to water your new sod and water it often. After all, Florida experienced record high temperatures in 2017. While the Florida heat may deter you from watering your new sod, don't let that discourage you from doing so. Follow these five tips for watering sod, and you will be able to successfully quench your lawn's thirst.

How to care for new sod.Sprinkler unit

  • Do NOT water by hand It is never recommended to hand water newly placed sod. Whether your lawn is big or small, it is highly advised to have a sprinkler system installed. Having a sprinkler will ensure that your sod is watered evenly, allowing the water to percolate through the new sod quickly.
  • Use a sprinkler As stated in the first point, use a sprinkler system. Besides the fact that it will evenly water your sod, it will also save you the trouble from having to go out and do it yourself.
  • Overlap If you have an area of sod that is larger than the reach of your sprinkler, you will need to move your sprinkler to cover the rest. Be sure to have overlap between the areas you sprinkle. Or better yet, contact our irrigation experts to help you with your sprinkler needs.
  • Water in the morning hours Watering in the morning hours is a good practice to get into. It will help prevent fungus from growing, which can happen during the humid evenings in Florida. Watering in the morning while your grass is still wet with dew helps reduce the chance of disease. While it will be difficult to keep fungus from growing due to the frequent storms and humidity in Florida, watering in the morning will certainly help keep it under control.

While it is rather simple to keep your sod watered properly, it is recommended to have sod installation professionals and irrigation experts set everything up correctly. Ground Source are the best Orlando sod installers and irrigation experts in Central Florida. Contact Ground Source or give us a call at 407-378-5366 for a free consultation and estimate for your landscaping needs.