Tips for Winter Lawn Care

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Fall is on its way and with it comes earlier sunsets and later sunrises. Along with mild temperatures and interspersed cooler days, the season is typically much drier than other seasons in Florida. Typically temperatures begin to drop in October, and lawns begin to grow  dormant for the winter. The occasional cold day can damage your lawn if it is not properly prepared for winter.


Timing is a key factor in properly winterizing your lawn. The last  time your lawn should be fertilized for the winter in Central Florida  is October, at the latest. Laying down fertilizer helps the lawn to  build strong, deep roots that can reach the moisture deep in the soil  to help survive a dry winter or a cold snap. If it is done too late,  it can harm your lawn causing it to have too much build up from the  fertilizer with not enough water to remove the excess. This can  result in damage to your turf and your plants through the winter  season.


Watering  your lawn is a bit more tricky in the winter than it normally is  during the other seasons. Watering too much when your lawn is dormant  can lead to an increase in pests and damage to roots. The fluctuating  Florida temperatures can also lead to some warm days, which can lead  to a dried out lawn. It's important to keep an eye on your lawn and it's needs. Using a modern irrigation system can help to maintain proper watering amounts throughout the winter months. Ground Source can help you ensure that your irrigation system is working and set up for winter.


When  mowing your lawn just prior to and during the winter months, it's  important to not cut it too short. Dormant lawns combined with the  cool temperatures and dry conditions will cause your lawn to grow  much slower than usual. Leaving the grass a bit longer than usual can  protect the roots from sudden cold snaps, and prevent damage to your  lawn.

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