Top 3 Household Water Wasters

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How To Save Water

Part of our jobs as irrigation experts means staying ahead of water usage habits in the home. We've got you covered outside the home our rain gauges, sensors, pressure regulators, and irrigation installation & design help you keep water waste to a minimum. These are the three top places where we see water get wasted at homes around Central Florida.

1. More efficient: dishes by hand or dishwasher?

The short answer is: either. As long as it's efficient. For example, if you hand wash, do you turn the water off between dishes? If you use a dishwasher, is it a late-model Energy-Star machine (less than 10 years old)? Old dishwashers can often use up more water than a professional irrigation system would cost to water a large backyard.

2. Car washing: by hand or pay-per-wash?

When you wash your car or boat, motorcycle, trailer, Big Wheels, what have you,  you could be using up to 10 gallons a minute with a standard garden hose. The great thing about pay-per-wash locations is they not only have efficient machines to distribute water and soap, but they also drain safely, ensuring your residual water does not flow into a storm drain that can pollute your local lake.

3. Sprinklers

Lawns and blooming flowers can consume hundreds of gallons of water an hour. The sprinkler itself could be inefficient, and a variety of circumstances could be causing a big portion of the water to simply evaporate into the air. Compared to irrigation systems like drip irrigation , sprinklers can waste a lot of water that should be going to your plants. It is important to have a sprinkler system that is optimized for the space in your yard, and made to cover the area of the plants you wish to cover. If an irrigation system is designed properly, you can save yourself hundreds of gallans of water per a month. That is why it is important to hire a professional irrigation company such as Ground Source for your Irrigation needs.