Trees for Aesthetics and Wildlife

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One of the most breathtaking sights you can see as a homeowner is to look out of your window onto a rich landscape in full bloom. If done well, your landscaping plants can provide a visually stunning experience and attract wildlife such as butterflies, birds, squirrels and a plethora of other animals and insects.

For the nature lover, there is nothing more satisfying than to look out over your trees and shrubs in full bloom and to see the various fauna that have become a part of the ecosystem that you have created. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment. There are a number of trees and shrubs that are especially suited to adding beauty to the landscape and attracting animal life in Orlando.

Flowering Dogwoods

Dogwood trees are an excellent selection for stand-alones to break up the landscape or for border trees. Flowering dogwoods are attractive even when not in bloom (in the springtime) and their fall foliage is a sight to behold in and of itself. The berries dropped by the dogwoods are a major draw for a large number of birds. The Japanese dogwood and the Cherokee Chief dogwood are both exceptional in the beauty of their foliage and blooms.


Crabapples are an excellent choice for use as border trees or just for breaking up the landscape. Their moderate size makes them easily manageable and their wide spread make them excellent for fleshing out privacy borders. Their blooms provide a soft accent to the landscape.

The Donald Wyman variegation of crabapple is especially well suited to the tasks of creating functional borders and breaks, as well as attracting a variety of wildlife. The Donald Wyman puts out soft pink buds that are a pleasure to behold even before they open up into the white blossoms in full bloom. The fruit of the Donald Wyman can last throughout the winter and into the early springtime and provide a source of nourishment for birds.

Eastern Redbuds

Eastern redbuds grow higher and wider than crabapples or dogwoods. Their height and spread make them excellent for privacy and shade. Eastern redbuds lack the year-round beauty of the dogwood, but more than makes up for their "plainness" when the springtime comes.

The eastern redbud is well known for its springtime splendor. The eastern redbud flowers in early spring before it puts it's leaves back on. The sight of the brilliant purple flowers crowding the redbud's bare branches is well worth the wait through the long winter. This is an opinion shared by man and animal alike it seems, as the redbuds attract a great deal of animal life.

Using Flowering Trees

Ornamental trees are an exceptional choice for any landscaping project. Ornamentals provide all of the benefits of proper tree placement in a landscape with the added benefit of providing beauty and an attraction for birds and other wildlife. For the nature lover, there simply isn't a better way to see your landscape teeming with life. Ornamental trees will add beauty, life and value to your landscape for years.