Watering Restrictions for Orange and Seminole Counties

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lawn-sprinklerIt's May, which means that regardless of it being before Memorial Day, we have officially hit summer-time in Florida. Temperatures have risen and we have started the midday rain showers. What does this mean for your landscaping? Time to water. The scorching Florida Sun can do considerable damage to the plant-life in your garden or the grass in your yard if they are not receiving the proper amount of hydration. Often the midday showers are not enough to combat the heat.

While it is good to water your lawn, you must do so responsibly. Orange and Seminole county have established restrictions to watering your yard to help maintain the county water supply. Luckily, both counties have the same restrictions in place:

  • NO watering between 10AM & 4PM on ANY day of the week.
  • Even Numbered Houses - Sundays and Thursdays
  • Odd Numbered Houses - Wednesdays and Saturdays

These restrictions apply to residential and commercial properties using hose-attached sprinkler systems placed manually throughout the yard or an efficient irrigation systems that automatically comes on during approved watering times. These irrigation systems can help save water due to automation, as well as make sure that your entire landscape gets the needed coverage for hydration in this humid Florida climate.

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