Why Lighting is Critical in Landscape Design

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A professional landscaping service will allow you to turn your home from the ordinary into the spectacular, especially when you rely on a leading Orlando company like Ground Source. Our dedicated team can add comfort, beauty, and value to your home with a custom landscape design that allows you to be as comfortable outdoors as you would be in your own living room.

Throughout our landscape design, we rely on a number of proven and innovative landscaping techniques, and we pay special attention to the fundamentals. After all, no matter how creative the design is, it simply won't work if the basics aren't taken care of.

Whichever look and feel you're aiming for in your outdoor living spaces, lighting is one area that deserves special attention. Orlando landscape lighting can make or break the look and feel of your outdoors, and these are the reasons why?

Lighting is Functional

Landscape DesignHere's the most obvious reason, and also one of the most important.

Lighting is critical in landscape design because it provides visibility in low light and nighttime conditions. With Orlando outdoor lighting you can ensure that your outdoor areas are still usable at nighttime, which is important if you are relaxing with your family, or even entertaining some guests. Lighting can be used strategically throughout your landscape design, including using Orlando path lighting between key outdoor areas, and softer accent lighting around some of your designs and decorative features. Bright lighting can be used for key outdoor features such as statues and fountains, or you could even choose to light up your feature trees or flower beds.

The point is that lighting allows you to see when you are outdoors at nighttime, and an investment in Orlando landscape lighting will mean that you get to enjoy your landscaped yard or patio at any time of the evening.

Orlando Outdoor Lighting Can Prevent Accidents Outdoors

Walking your paths and gardens in the evening is made safer when you install Orlando path lighting. Tripping on paving stones or slipping on a damp spot is a high risk when lighting quality is low, so installing lighting will help to prevent injuries to your family. Lighting is particularly important if you are entertaining guests, because injuries on your property could leave you liable for medical bills, and could damage relationships between you and your friends or extended family members.

Keeping well-lit pathways and entertainment areas are absolutely essential, and we can help you to find the best lighting solutions, including Orlando lighting LED systems for energy efficiency.

Lighting Keeps Your Property Safe

A well-lit property will deter thieves and other trespassers, so investing in Orlando lighting kits can keep you and your family safe, even when you're not outdoors. Thieves and other criminals are typically opportunistic in nature. A property with inadequate outdoor lighting can provide cover for criminals and may make your home a target. By ensuring that outdoor areas are well-lit at night with effective safety and landscape lights, you can make your property less appealing to anybody with ill intentions.

Simply being able to easily see what's going on in your yard will provide you with peace of mind.

Don't Keep Your Beautiful home and Landscaping Designs in the Dark

Whether you've invested in an outdoor patio for entertainment, a pool area, or even a garden design with retaining walls; there's no reason to keep everything in the dark.

Bring light to your surroundings with Orlando path lighting, feature lighting, and specialty lighting that adds beauty and a sense of safety to your property. The right kind of lighting can bring out the best in your landscaping, allowing you to gain practical benefits while enjoying the improved aesthetic of a well-lit property.

Colored lighting is available and modern LED lighting is efficient and won't run up your power bill like older solutions. Solar landscape lighting is also available, so there are plenty of options depending on your needs and the type of illumination that you're looking for.

Talk to the team at Ground Source today, and plan a better outdoor living space with lighting for walls, ponds and water features, fire pits, trees and gardens, paths, driveways, or wherever it is that you need improvement.