Why You Should Use a Landscape Designer

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Orlando Landscape DesignWith websites and television networks dedicated to landscape design, anyone can learn how to do anything in their yard. This is good as it gets homeowners more involved with taking care of the outside of their homes and trying new things. Watch or read enough, and some think they can do it all themselves. Unfortunately, no matter how many home design TV shows or Youtube videos there are, it's just not the same as having a professional landscape designer creating your own oasis. And there are plenty of good reasons why that is.

To start, it comes down to the bottom line: your budget. Landscape designs on design TV shows include healthy budgets that might be beyond a typical homeowner's reach. That's where a landscape designer really shows off his or her skills. You can provide the inspiration, and they can find the way to make it happen without going over a set budget. They know what types of plants and materials would give you the same look for a lower cost, so you can save money while still getting your dream design.

A professional landscape designer will also look at many elements that aren't highlighted on those home design shows. Picking colors and plants makes for good television; understanding drainage in your yard or grading that needs to be done is not as exciting. Your landscape designer, however, knows the importance of these and many other elements that need to be considered when designing your landscape. How your landscape functions and holds up to the weather is just as important as how it looks.

More than anything else, a professional landscape designer has spent years in gaining education and experience to understand how all of the elements go together. This includes your plants, walkways (pavers or concrete), the colors, and any other functional attribute. Think of a car; you might know some of the parts that are in it, but knowing how to put them together and make a moving vehicle takes expertise and knowledge. Creating a landscape design that will thrive and look great in Orlando requires a professional touch.

At Ground Source, we've got one of the best landscape designers in the area on staff. Since coming on, he's created some incredible designs for homes all around Central Florida. Plus, with a team of experts who can install the elements for your new landscape design, you can get the job done right in one stop. Need more than just new plants or a walkway? We handle your whole yard, including sod removal and installation and irrigation repair and installation.