Winter Season Hardscape and Lighting for The Holidays

The new year is coming, and that means it?s time for a new lawn! Face it: you?ve been thinking about changing things up for a while, and maybe you?ve been putting it off because of the cost. As the winter season approaches, you can?get the best deals on everything you want ? including your lawn! As the new year comes around, consider impressing your friends and neighbors with a beautiful new landscape, complete with a lighting solution that will bring attention to it all. From hardscaping to lighting, and even winter sod installation, we have something for everyone! Now, thanks to our Holiday deals, you can get something extra special for free.

Purchase 5 Lights ? Get 1 for Free!

Lights can be the feature that changes everything for your lawn, and we?re proud to bring you a winter season?special you won?t believe; buy 5 lights, get 1 absolutely free! With our low voltage LED lighting options, you can call attention to the features that you love, and our services easily rival all others on the market!

Support after Installation

We aren?t just offering a free light; we?re offering a light with a standard warranty and repair/installation of any of our low voltage lighting choices. Don?t get left in the dark ? let us take care of the heavy lifting, the repair work, and any questions that you might have.

Longer Lasting Systems

LED lighting has been proven to last longer, burn brighter, and work more efficiently than its incandescent counterpart ? we use only the best lighting options and the most solid design solutions to ensure that your yard and hardscaping will last for the foreseeable future.

Lower Electric Bill

Our turn-key services include the installation of lighting solutions that utilize lower energy, meaning you won?t have to worry about running up a high electric bill just to get a little bit of light in your life. Remember: a lower electric bill doesn?t mean a less brilliant light!

Get a Free Wood Burning Pit with your Purchase!

Bring your yard to life by making it the ultimate gathering place! With your purchase, you?ll also get a free fire pit to add to your space. The new year can be full of brand-new possibilities, and it won?t be too long before you have the yard you want.

Get a Free Wood Burning Pit with your Purchase!

Same Yard ? New Look

As we move through the end of the year, the need to start anew becomes more and more apparent. If you want to take your landscape renovation to the next level, we suggest using our hardscaping pavers to install a brand-new driveway or taking advantage of our other amazing services to help craft the perfect lawn that will take you into the new year and beyond. Great lighting can become an integral part of your outdoor kitchen, driveway, garden, and so much more! When the time comes to make serious changes to your yard, give us a call! We?ll make the plans, map out your landscaping job, and most importantly, create a yard that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Happy Holidays from Ground Source


Note: New Estimates Only - Work Must Be Completed by January 31st