A Few Landscaping Ideas that can Completely Transform your Yard

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Smart landscaping not only adds depth and interest to your yard but it can instantly boost curb appeal for those who are interested in selling their home. Orlando landscape renovation is a smart choice for anyone who is looking to give the exterior of their home a little facelift. Whether your home is brand new or has some years on it, every home can benefit from a little landscaping. If you're not looking to shell out big bucks to re-do your yard, here are a few landscaping ideas that can completely transform your yard.

Choose Native Plants

Planting native plants mean a healthier, happier yard. Native plants result in less upkeep, less watering, and a more beautiful yard. Choosing plants that are native or that grow well in specific zones or areas will result in lower pruning prices and less watering. This is especially great advice for those who feel they don't have a green thumb. Orlando landscape installation that chooses native plants will have your front yard thriving.

Combine a Variety of Different Plants

Orlando Landscape DesignIn order to create great interest and depth in your yard and keep it in full bloom all summer long is to plant a variety of different plants. Orlando landscape ideas, like planting a variety of plants will keep your yard looking attractive no matter what month or season it is. If everything blooms and dies at the same time, your yard will look empty once everything is out of season. Look for perennials because they bloom from June through October.

Artificial Grass

Keeping your yard green in Florida can be difficult. Between hot and humid summers and rainy fall, real grass can be a pain. Don't be shy to ask us about Orlando landscape remodel cost for artificial grass. Artificial grass is ideal for those who have kids, pets or don't have the time and energy to regularly water and fertilize their yard. This type of grass is kid proof and pet proof. There's zero upkeep, which means you can finally get your weekends back.

Add Bursts of Color

What makes landscaping so much fun and exciting are the bursts and pops of colors that flowers and specific ornament grass types give. Take, for example, lavender. Releasing a relaxing aroma and burst of color to give your yard exactly what it needs to look enticing and feel tranquil. Lavender, specifically, only needs to be watered about once a week; making it a low maintenance yard plant. Additionally, certain herbs, like lavender, double as a bug repellent. Which means you can comfortably enjoy your yard without pesky bugs or toxic bug repellents.

Incorporate Potted Plants

Using potted plants in landscaping a yard is not only one of the best low maintenance options but potted plants also add color and texture to your yard effortlessly. Easily color coordinate the pots and plants or mix and match to create a fun color story in the yard. Don't forget to still coordinate flowers to the seasons. Use reds and yellows in the fall and whites and pinks in the spring and summer.

Illuminate Walkways

Orlando Landscape Design

Attractive Orlando landscape design deserves to be seen night and day. Landscape lights can play many roles. The first role is a functional role. Being able to see walkways keeps you safe at night and having your yard lightly illuminated deters burglars. From an aesthetic perspective, lights in the yard create interest and can help to show off points of interest in the landscaping. Lights are where function and aesthetic merge perfectly to make your yard look as great in the night as it does during the day.

Orlando Landscape Design and More

No matter what season it is, there's never a wrong time to get your home's landscaping done in Orlando. If you're looking to give your front yard a little TLC, we have the answers. We work with you to design a beautiful new landscape design for your front or backyard. Give your exterior the look it deserves with Orlando landscape design for the front of the house. Call us today to start working with us on your brand new, beautiful yard you'll love for years to come.